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  • What is the best way to book a stay?
    Great Question! We do our very best to provide the best of everything to our guests. We offer direct booking right through our website. You'll tap on the link and end up on a platform called Houfy. This site removes any fees travelers like you may pay, therefore saving you money to buy more wine! Cheers from the Greers 🥂
  • How far is downtown Paso?
    Downtown Paso is just 9 miles away, beautiful drive through rolling hills of vineyards and from there a straight shot on highway 101 south.
  • Are you pet friendly?
    We love animals, we ask that the rooms stay pet free due to allergens and sensitivities some people have. We can recommend Vineyard Kennel to drop your pup off overnight and you can pick them up for wine tasting adventures the next day. Now there is a great solution!
  • Are there 2 rentals?
    Yes, we have 2 beautiful suites. Be Suite & Stay Suite Both have vineyard views and private entrances
  • Do you provide breakfast?
    We do not. Everyone has such specific dietary restrictions we figure it's easier for you to work off our recommendations list to find what fancies you best.
  • Do you have a pet policy?
    We love animals, and have several ourselves, unfortunately due to liabilty issues we do not allow our guests to bring pets wtih them. We can happily refer you to other properties that are pet friendly.
  • Are you kid friendly?
    Like pets, we love kids too..although all of ours are grown and out of the house. We feel that our property is not safe for children due to many levels of stairs, decking & wild animals. We are confident that grandma would love to watch your kids for your ultimate wine country get away.
  • Do your suites have private entrances?
    Both suites have secure, private entrances. Keys are handed over upon arrival
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