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Let's Grow!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

June 14, 2022

The past year for the Greer's has been phenomenal. Each and every guest has made such an impression on us and our small business. We have seen so much growth with our stays and the vineyard itself is remarkable. Thank you!

Jonathan has spent hours upon hours curating the most prolific vines. When we took the property over in April 2021, it had been severely neglected for years. Broken water lines, dead vines and extreme amounts of gophers and ground squirrels. This negatively impacted the amount of fruit we produced the first year we were here. Our first harvest was a mere 1.5 tons from 8 acres. The average is about 1.5 tons per acre for head training.

We took the bull by the horns, ok by the vines. :) Here is what we did. (We, being Jonathan, I just like to be here for moral support & take pictures)

  • Pruning

  • Fertilizer

  • Shoot thinning

  • Sucker pulling

  • Removing dead wood

  • Repaired hundreds of irrigation leaks (40 hours worth)

  • Water line flushing

  • Replacing emitters

  • Cover Crop

  • Tilling

  • Bird Tape

  • Propagating

  • Planting new vines

  • We even watered! (Imagine the difference that makes).

This year we are beside ourselves with the amount of fruit inhabiting the vines. We have gone back and looked at photos from 2021 and we are shocked. Guess what...IT'S WORKING!

We call him Johnny Fix-it for this reason. Jonathan can pretty much fix anything, even a dying vineyard.

Here is a quick snap of September 2021 vs June 2022

September 2021 Left vs June 2022 Right

As we migrate into the remaining months of 2022, we are thrilled to think about the harvest we will be participating in this year. Harvest can happen anytime from September through November. Mother nature likes to keep us on our toes.

Consider a stay during harvest months, you just never know what/when harvest will happen and we would love to have you participate in the experience.

This is just the first year, as each year progresses, we will share the vast improvements on the property.

Cheers from the Greers


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