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TOP 10 Vacation Rental Owners Announced.

We are humbled by this amazing article featuring us. Yes, us as a top 10 owner for our direct booking site (in the world). Yes…us!

We came in at number 3 of the top 10 owners for our direct booking platform, Houfy.

We were interviewed by Houfy as this was being put together. We cannot thank you all enough for putting your trust in us to help us get here.

Exceptional thanks to our fantastic photographers, Elevatd Media, Tri Motion Media and The Californist. Each has played a critical roll in us being featured. Follow them for more fantastic photos.

Shout Out!

Full credit where credit is due, these partnerships and collaborations have changed the trajectory of our business and put us in front of people looking for a beautiful place to stay in Paso Robles

Our progress, our shared moments, and our very existence have been woven together by the threads of collaboration, trust, and camaraderie. Without these bonds, our journey would be incomplete, like a symphony missing its harmonious notes.

To each guest who places their trust in us, who allows us to paint their memories with vibrant hues, we extend our heartfelt appreciation. You are the heartbeat of our story, the reason we strive for excellence.

With genuine thanks, we say: Thank you.

Cheers from the Greers

Melanie & Jonathan


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