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$165 Value of included opportunities

More than you came for...

We have been working hard on our relationships in the community to bring you something spectacular. These small family-owned wineries are what we call a preferred partner. They offer our guests complimentary offerings due to the strong relationships we have in the community. Embrace the small family-owned wineries of Paso Robles for the most delightful offerings and undiscovered wines.

In addition, we are the first & only privately owned vacation rental that is offering a partnership discount for Sensorio, the world-famous light show located right here in Paso Robles. Join us for a Stay on the Vineyard, the next time you travel to Paso Robles Wine Country. We welcome you with the warmest hospitality and lots of extras too. All these benefits will be given to you upon arrival.

Cheers from the Greers

Melanie & Jonathan

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